Services included in the price

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  • Accommodation (short and long terms).
  • Surveillance.
  • Daily cleanliness and disinfection of the pet room.
  • Veterinarian service.
  • Basic behaviours advices.
  • Lodging during the heat period.

Education and behaviour services

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  • Changing inappropriate behaviours.
  • Formation classes for the owners: how my dog act and thinks, how I can correct my dog behaviour and when I have to reward it.
  • Classes for puppies, young dogs and adults.
  • Ethology classes (science of animal behaviours).

Comfort and well-being services

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  • Dog and cat esthetical services: nail cut, ear cleaning and anal glands cleaning.
  • Service of emasculation.
  • Bath and swim in a swimming pool.
  • Recovering therapy in a pet gym or swimming pool.

Additional services

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  • Daily nursery school (9:00 – 18:00). Another timetable must be consulted.
  • Report by e-mail or telephone message.
  • Birth, maternity and breastfeeding period care.
  • Service of daily medication.
  • Meeting agency for crossing animals.
  • Transport service for your pet.


  • We only accept in our pet hotel, because of hygiene and safety, dogs with their vaccination card in order and deloused, as well as with the microchip.

  • In addition, each time a new pet arrives; it will be examined in order to know if it has external parasites. If it has them, it will be obligatory for leaving the dog that your pet receives an external parasite treatment, pipette or necklace, as owners prefer. You could buy it in our establishment.

  • Prevention of fleas, mites and mosquito bites is one of the most important things we care in our pet hotel, not just only for dogs, for owners and workers too. There is nothing more disgusting that bringing a dog home full of parasites.