Do I need to make the reservation ahead of time?

  • No, you don’t need it. The only thing you must have in mind is that our Dog Hotel has a limited number of rooms (40 rooms). And if we have all of them completed we won’t accept more dogs.

  • If you want our service of home picking and delivering we advise you to reserve it with some time in advance. Our special vehicle has a limited capacity and it isn’t possible to over load it if we want to guarantee the comfort of the animal.

Can I visit the Dog Hotel before doing a reservation?

  • Yes, of course. During our public opening times anyone interested in our service can visit the installations without any obligation.

Can I leave an ill dog which is taking meds?

  • We admit ill animals which are taking meds but only if the illness they have are not contagious for the rest of the animals or for humans. It is essential that the animal takes the meds in a peacefully way.

Will my dog share the room with other dogs?

  • We have individual and collective rooms. Only if animals from different owners get along well between them and only if owners agree we will put them together in the same room.

  • In most cases is recommended that your pet won’t be and feel alone. A current situation is if you have a sociable dog, it will enjoy the companion of other dogs and when it returns someday to our hotel it will come happy because it has great memories.

What kind of food do you use in the Hotel? Can I bring my own food?

  • The food we provide to the dogs, adults and young dogs, and which is included in the price is Cotecan (optimus and maximus). It is a high level fodder, a really tasted feed which doesn’t produce gastric problems because it doesn’t mean a sharp change in their diet.

  • We recommend that if your dog is delicate with its fodder; bring some of his food so we will mix his own food with our fodder during the first days. Like this we will avoid any kind gastric problem. Nevertheless if your dog is taking a special diet or you don’t want to change his feeding habits you can always bring your own fodder and we will give it to him every day as you usual do at home.